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iPad Cracked Screen Repair!

A behind the scenes look at what it takes to repair and iPad cracked screen

This ipad that we’re fixing here is the iPad 2, the repair process is the same with some minor adjustments that the technician will have to make depending on the model of the iPad, Apple likes to make things interesting and change minor things on their designs.   Here goes a video we put together for repairing ipad screens, hope you enjoy it.     If you have any questions about this service we’ll be happy to give you further instructions. Comment below, find us Continue reading →

Laptop Screen Replacement!

How to repair a laptop with a broken Screen?

Picture above look familiar? don’t worry, NJ Phone Fix can repair it for you. This is a very common problem. It doesn’t matter what brand the laptop is (apple ,dell , toshiba , acer , etc), the only thing that will change is the price. Price is determined by the type of screen you have and a couple other factors,read below Things you should know Laptop Model Number Size of the screen These are the basic things you’ll need to know if you’re going to Continue reading →

iPhone water damage?

How to guide – fix your iphone that dropped in water.

During the summer months we get a lot of calls from people who drop their phones in water in lots of different ways, lets face it when we try to get away from the heat it typically involves some sort of ocean , pool or small body of water. Here’s some NOT TO DO’S if your phone ever does drop in water. Don’t Try to turn it back on! Your phone is an electronic device that’s power by electricity,  water is a conductor that interferes Continue reading →

Glass or LCD Replacement for iphone?

What’s the difference between broken glass or broken LCD?

We get a lot of customers calling in regarding issues with their phones, and one of the first questions we ask is “is glass broken or the LCD?”, 99% of the time we get “what’s the difference?”. Broken Glass The easiest way to tell if you only have a broken glass is if you can still see everything on the screen and still be able to use everything on your phone (full functionality).  That is,  your phone is working exactly the same as it used Continue reading →

iPhone Repair Jersey City

Same day repair service starting $69.99

NJ Phone Fix is a local cell phone, tablet and computer repair center located in the heart of Jersey city. We’re conveniently located in Journal Square, 3 blocks away from the path train 3000 John F Kennedy Blvd Suite 313A in the old social security building (entrance to the building is in the back). We have serviced over 1000 cell phones in the area, we are the #1 source for iphone repair in jersey city. We offer very competitive prices and we’ll never have issues Continue reading →

Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen Repair.

Reference guide – How to replace the Screen on the Samsung Galaxy s5

  The Samsung galaxy s5 screen repair is one of the more difficult repairs for samsung galaxy phones. If you’re going to attempt this repair yourself, you’ll need the following:   Tools to perform the repair:   Replacement Galaxy s5 LCD Screen – make sure you get the one that’s the same color as your phone and that it comes with the adhesive pre-installed . Heat gun or hair dryer. Pry open tools to remove the damaged screen.   Remove the broken screen.     Continue reading →

iPad Mini Not Charging?

You might need an iPad Mini Charging Port Repair.

Are you experiencing the dreaded issue of plugging your iPad mini to the charger and nothing happens? The iPad mini not charging problem can happen for several reasons.   Top 3 Reasons why your iPad mini is not charging:   The charging port has been damage You have to move the charger to make a good connection Your charger is broken   The easiest one that you can check for yourself is #3, simply find another usb cable (recommend original apple charger) and plug it Continue reading →

HTC One M8 Screen Replacement

What to do if you have a cracked HTC One M8 Screen?

Is the Screen on your HTC One M8 Cracked?   Don’t worry NJ Phone Fix has you covered! We provide HTC One M8 screen replacement service, no need to replace your phone. Couple things you need to know before you decide to repair your phone or if this is a repair for you. To order this repair make sure you’re experiencing one or multiple symptoms: Have a cracked glass The touch / response doesn’t work Have lines displaying along the screen Don’t see anything on Continue reading →

iPhone 5 Battery Replacement

Does your phone battery die quickly on your iphone 5? The answer is an iphone 5 battery replacement! Here are three reason why this may be happening:  The battery is just old and has come to the end of it’s life You’re using an after market charge which doesn’t have the same amps required to charge the phone properly The charger port on the phone is faulty If you’re experiencing any of the above 3, you will have to replace your battery.   The Process Continue reading →